Custom Solutions

hands on laptopOur current vertical applications are unique and fully customizable. You can use the application as is or change the forms, reports and functionalities to fit your operation. No two vertical custom applications are alike. Each is modified based on the customer’s requirements and specifications. You are in complete control of how the application looks and manages your company’s or department’s needs.

All applications are secure both at the database level and the application level. User and password schemes allow you to limits each user to those functions and tasks they have been assigned.

This application is designed to manage the manufacturing of fine jewelry. From booking an order for the creation of a new piece with its unique pricing module to the final sale and delivery the application tracks all the facets of the manufacturing process. Tracking each manufacturing station, parcel, style and finish good the application provides complete control and accountability to management and the waiting customer.

This application is designed to manage the repairs of fine jewelry. A simple yet effective application that include photo images of the pieces, repair details and billing for the organization involved in the maintenance and repair of fine jewelry.

Student Information Management Systems (MDSIMS)
Designed to maintain and manage student grading, transcripts, attendance, payments and other student information for schools with grades K through 12 as well as trade schools.

Medical Devices Repair Maintenance Management (MDRMM)
Designed to manage medical device maintenance and repair records to meet hospital and clinic accreditation requirements.