Jewery Manufacturing Management

GemsMD is the creation from the need of quality jewelry manufacturers to manage not only the order but to track the manufactured pieces during all phases including after it becomes a finish good in you inventory prior to sale.

Quote and Pricing

Our pricing module allows you to set parameters such as, gold, manufacturing, and gems pricing. Once a price is generated it can server as starting point for further modifications. Once you have have all the information ready a printed quotation can be generated. Upon approval by the customer, the information can be transfer directly into manufacturing without the need to re-enter all the information more than once.


The manufacturing module can control, at your discretion, each step of the process. You can easy track where the piece is currently being worked on, by whom, and estimate its completion date.

Finish Goods Management

Once the manufacturing process is completed, the piece is place into the finish good module by the application. Here the history of the manufactured jewelry is maintain from the time is was made and any other location it might have travel. Whether is was send out in a memo and then return or send out with your sales representative and later return to inventory to be finally sold to your customer. The exact location where the piece is located and it movement history.

Invoicing and Receivables

Invoicing involve a number of modules that can also be fully manageble. Customer information, payment terms, taxable status,and other critical information is manage and maintain by your staff.
The application has a sufisticated account receivable features that allow you to taylor a payment program according to your customer’s needs. Multiple payment terms, lock on invoice creation for customers that are not paying, and many other features that can only be appreciated during a demostration of the application

Security and User’s Access Rights

The system in control at the database using SQL Grant/Revoke access. Access is further control at the menu and form levels of the application.