Screen Shoots- Price & Quotes

Pricing and Quote

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Providing a quote to a potential customer is a fast and easy task.  You select the style, parcels, weight, metal, and other parameters for the piece and the sale price quotation form does all the calculations presenting you with a sales price for your customer.  You can then print this sales quote or generate a PDF ready to be emailed.  If the customer approves the quote, you simple click on a button and it generates the manufacturing order with all the information you need to begin the process.

You do not have to retype any of the information reducing error and increasing the speed of the process.  The owner can change all the parameters for the process such as the price for the metals, parcels, style, and more.  This allows for one of the assistance to generate a sale quotation without the need for you to oversee the process.

Please keep in mind that this will be a custom application designed for you and the way you run your business.  Any or all can be modified or replaced to fit your needs.  The original GemsMD is a starting point with ideas for your end product.