Welcome to GemsFix Jewerly Service

This application was developed from the need of fine jewelry repair companies to computerize their operation. The application was designed with the following goals in mind:

Built on a solid multi-user relational database that has been in use industrially since 1983. Fully ODBC compliant and with excellent maintenance tools, the engine will give you years of trouble free service.

You select personal options for tasks and look up values that will make the application unique to your individual operation. You are no longer bound by a set of conditions developed for other repair centers that may not apply to your successful service operation.

User Login prevents access to the application by unauthorized users.

Expansion and custom development capabilities
The application was created by a custom application developer and thus can be tailor made with features and changes to your specifications. Features like jewel images and linking to our GemsMD Manufacturing Application can expand the capabilities of the application according to your needs.